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Sage Soul Productions is a community development business with the goal of revitalizing communities by revolutionizing their events and expanding local music and art scenes. We strive to create diverse, welcoming spaces in which people from all walks of life can enjoy themselves and connect with one another, thereby building a more informed, accepting populace.


As the brain-child of Christopher Vincent (the man who enlivened Charleston with the inimitable Qiet), Sage Soul Productions brings a spirit of creativity and originality to all of the services we offer. With a strong background in building the careers of performance artists through productions and promotion, Sage Soul is not only highly skilled in creating engaging events and media, but also in ensuring that they are well attended, shared, and/or publicized. From nonprofit fundraisers to artist management, we have the the skills and experience to help make your projects successful.


Christopher Vincent smiling

Christopher Vincent

Christopher Vincent is a West Virginian musician, composer, artist, organizer, and philanthropist with 10+ years of music management and event planning experience. He is well known for his work with the band Qiet, of which he is the proprietor, lead vocalist, guitarist, and principal songwriter. 


Christopher is based in Charleston, WV, and is passionate about contributing to his community, volunteering his time with various organizations. Christopher is also active in the Charleston dance scene and spends most Thursdays above Vino's Bar and Grill at the local Salsa Night. He combined these two interests in his most recent fundraiser, "Light the Night: Dance Against Domestic Violence," which raised $4,000+ for West Virginia Coalition Against Domestic Violence (WVCADV).


Bug Kinder-Schuyler

Bug is an event coordinator, audio engineer, immigration communications director, and administrative assistant. Bug is passionate about strengthening community and enjoys doing anything they can to promote social prosperity. Among the eclectic West Virginia arts and music scene, Bug has stepped into these roles in locations all around Charleston. Just in 2023, they were an integral force in event organizations such as The Rite, City Center at Slack Plaza, National Grassroots Radio Conference, and The Marshall Marathon. Bug looks forward to helping Charleston thrive as much as possible through coordinating exciting, altruistic events and realizing every individual's vision for success.

Blake Pennington

Booker, talent manager, and performer himself, Blake is a West Virginian looking to showcase and elevate the incredible artists in our roster. 

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