For those with eclectic music tastes to those who can’t taste anything, there is
Qiet. Unclassifiable as a musical act, Qiet
defies the bounds of traditional music, taking from every culture on the planet and orchestrating the sound, feel and spirit into a high-energy pop package.
It is as fun is it is unique with its blend of rock, jazz, gypsy, funk and beyond.
Notorious for moving even the most stoic to dance, Qiet’s chemistry resonates with
the audience to create an experience for you to remember as well as a whole new perspective on music performance.


  1. "[Qiet] slams together everything from gypsy jazz to indie pop to wild rock to soul and funk."—KDHX

  2. [Pet Driftwood] might sound like an indie hipster title torn [from] the Arcade Fire playbook, and it is, but the album promises to be infinitely more adventurous."—PopDose

  3. "Aptly titled ‘The Indie Song’, the album track evokes the vaudevillian atmosphere of fellow genre darlings Gogol Bordello and Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeroes."—MagnetMagazine

  4. “...it is music with a vision and a purpose–music to dance to (should the mood take you), but equally it is intelligent, literary music that you can listen to (should the mood take you).”—TheMad Mackerel

  5. “Quite simply, Qiet defies definition.”—Mandy Southgate, Blog critics