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Sage Soul Productions is an artist management and community development business with the goal of revitalizing communities by revolutionizing their events and expanding local music and art scenes. We strive to create diverse, welcoming spaces in which people from all walks of life can enjoy themselves and connect with one another, thereby building a more informed, accepting populace. As the brain-child of Christopher Vincent (the man who enlivened Charleston with the inimitable Qiet), Sage Soul Productions brings a spirit of creativity and originality to all of the services we offer...



"There are a lot of people out there who can play your gig. But there are very few that can make your gig one that people will be talking about for months afterward. Christopher is one of those rare talents. He's creative, reliable, and incredibly skilled, both in performance, and in attracting talented artists to work with him. You'll get more than entertainment from him, you'll get an artistic experience that will leave you and your guests laughing, thinking, and wanting more."


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